In every bad situation there usually lies a good one.

Nigeria may be expecting thousands of used cars and car parts any moment, and for cheaper, from USA as a result of the flooding in Texas. This is because the government needs to raise between $70 – $100 billion for repairs and restoration of the landfall which the flood has caused. Although they have received several donations from celebrities and foundations, they still need to sell of some assets to raise the full amount.


As earlier stated, thousands o cars would be auctioned to African countries including Nigeria, and this would create the opportunity for Nigerians to purchase at a lower price than the usual. These cars would auction for as low as $1000, and would sell at a price slightly higher in Nigeria. Mechanics and auto-shops can now smile as they would be able to stock up on second-hand parts for retail.

It should be noted though, that most of these vehicles would have been submerged in deep waters for days, and thus may have serious electrical damage and even rust. This may cost eventual owners hundreds of thousands of Naira in incessant repairs.

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