Universal - Powermaster Smooth Look Alternator

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Making upgrades to your classic vehicle or hot rod but you want to spice it up under the hood a little? Reinforce your electrical system with a Powermaster Smooth-Look Performance Alternator which has a stylish teardrop design but with reliable modern innards. If you want to equip your hot rod with a powerful audio system, your worn out or stock alternator will simply not be capable of powering it smoothly and efficiently. Installing a Powermaster Smooth-Look Performance Alternator on a modified engine will provide the extra electrical power needed, from idle all the way to redline. Powermaster is best known as a specialist performance manufacturer, providing high performance alternators and starters primarily for American cars, trucks and SUVs.

  • Manufactured in the U.S.A
  • Available in 5 finishes: chrome, natural, satin, black or polished
  • Perfect for classic vehicle restorations
  • Reliable high tech innards
  • Choose 1 wire installation for convenience or 3 wire OEM style installations
  • Every Powermaster alternator is tested before it leaves the factory, (certificate of testing included)
  • Excellent output at idle
  • Provides a massive increase in amps from idle through redline
  • Excellent for hot rod builds or classic vehicle restorations

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Part Number : P6627295

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