OEM vs Aftermarket


What’s the first thing to do if you notice you need your car parts replaced? Knowing which brand’s components is ideal for a specific car model or the process of beginning a repair with the components in place and what will serve you better between the OEM and Aftermarket parts replacement will guide you in making a more informed decision .

Ever asked yourself if

  • the car parts come with warranty?
  • the replaced parts depreciate the value of the vehicle?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The OEM parts are produced by the direct manufacturer of the brand often referred to as “follow come” by Nigerians, and may be marketed by another manufacturer, These parts are produced with the same quality which fits into a specified car model

The OEM parts come with warranty and work perfectly if purchased from authorised dealer and cost more  unlike the aftermarket .

If you are considering spending less to replace your car parts, you could go for the Aftermarket parts. However, if you would prefer to get the Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, be rest assured you will get the best quality and service for replacement of your car parts.


These car parts are produced by a third party manufacturer and are cost effective. The replaced parts may depreciate the value of the vehicle but are as good as new if fixed properly. Aftermarket parts are built to function like the original parts or may have their features or functions upgraded, however, they might not come with a warranty.

The aftermarket parts and functions are mostly upgraded and may sometimes cause slight changes in the car performance.

Aftermarket parts, have variations in quality and level of performance , although they may not come with a warranty like the OEM parts. All new parts come with a minimum one year limited warranty.


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