My car is flooded now what?

A car immersed in water can cause havoc to the car, especially the engine, electrical system, interior and exterior. If your car has been immersed in water, follow these steps to evaluate and address the damage. 

Try not to start the car! You might be tempted to start the car and see if it still works, but if there is water in the engine, attempting to start it could damage it beyond repair.

Check how deep the car was submerged. Mud and debris usually leave a waterline on the car, inside as well as out. If the water didn’t rise above bottom of the doors, your car will probably be fine.

Start drying the interior. If water got inside the car, start by opening the doors and windows and putting towels on the floor to soak up water, but you should plan on replacing anything that got wet, including carpets, floor mats etc.

Check the oil and the air cleaner. If you see that the level of the oil is high, or if the air filter has water in it, do not attempt to start the engine. Have it towed to a mechanic to have the water cleared and the fluids changed. Or you can try changing the oil then removing the spark plugs and cranking the engine to blow out the water, but we still recommend leaving this to a mechanic.

Check all the other fluids. Brake, clutch, power steering and coolant reservoirs should be checked for contamination.

Check all of the electrical systems. Check everything electrical: Headlights, turn signals, air conditioning, stereo, power locks, windows and seats, even the interior lights. If you note anything even slightly inappropriate including the way the car runs or the transmission shifts that could be a sign of electrical trouble. Take the car to a mechanic

Check around the wheels and tires. Before attempting to move the car, look for debris lodged around the wheels, brakes and under body. Also do not forget to set the parking brake before crawling around the wheels.

If in doubt, push to have the car totalled. A flood-damaged car can experience problems months or even years after the event.


Beware of flood-damaged replacements. Many cars that are damaged due to flooding are simply cleaned up and re-sold. Before buying a used car, get a comprehensive history on the car.

Please call us at CitiWebb Auto Centers on the numbers below to arrange for a flatbed tow or mechanic call out service if you are in doubt of your vehicles condition after the big flood of July.

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