Car Repairs You Should Never Try to Do Yourself

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting excited about fixing a problematic automobile all by yourself only to discover that the repairs required are well beyond your skills as a mechanic!! Nevertheless, there are times when the average DIY enthusiast shouldn’t begin to ponder particular automotive repairs, and leave the problem to the professionals.

Here are examples of when it’s best to protect your vehicle and yourself by not trying to repair your car yourself.

Body work and paint – Repairing damaged body panels and applying paint is an expensive, messy, noxious, and time consuming process. Between all the fumes and required training, it’s one of those repairs that specialized professionals are the only obvious option.

Windshield replacement – This is one of those repairs that all drivers dread, and it’s easy to understand why. The smart thing to do is to get a brand-new windshield professionally installed, because the last thing you need is a leaky piece of glass ruining your interior

Fuel system fixes – Fuel systems have the capacity to cause headaches, garage fires, and even unconsciousness. Our recommendation is play it safe and leave anything having to do with replacing a fuel pump, tank, injectors, rails, or pressurized lines for professionals to handle.

Snapped coil springs – Always under extreme pressure and strong enough to kill a full-grown man, the springs on a car are tightly wound mouse traps. There are dangers and risks associated with swapping springs and it’s best to let a trainer and skilled mechanic do his thing.

AC system restoration – The amount of parts requiring replacement on a modern vehicle when an AC compressor locks-up is staggering. Once that crucial component seizes up, it will more than likely send tiny shards of metal through every inch of the system, meaning every line and fitting needs to be replaced along with the condenser, evaporator, compressor, and various other items. It’s expensive, time consuming, and dangerous, and a task that even trained professionals may dread doing.

Brake plumbing and reservoir replacement – Even the small stuff, like replacing your brake pads and rotors can put you in dangerous territory really quick. Being able to stop safer than when you started is the reason we bleed brakes and upgrade pads and rotors with aftermarket options, but things don’t always go according to plan. So when something like a master cylinder or a line rusts in half, it’s usually best to take your car to a shop for repairs in order for everything to be flared and fixed properly.

Defective airbag fixes – This last warning should be a bit obvious, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to swap out detonated or defective airbags on their own. Unplugging everything properly and removing the old unit is one thing; fitting in the fresh airbag can be a completely different story. While these kinds of repairs may save you money (when not covered under warranty or recall), relying upon trained professionals will provide you both with peace of mind and factory fitment without all the headaches.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, now you know a few car repairs you should never try yourself

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