Car and Road Vocabulary: British and American English

Auto-parts-Copyyy-1024x614Back in the day, Nigerians typically were only familiar with the “Queen’s” English; spoken and written. Present day, we have the effects of globalization, migration and the internet to thank for the blurring of the lines in terms of what’s acceptable (and sometimes understandable) English.
Here are some of our favourite auto and road related terms in British vs. American English that may cause some level of confusion day to day.
What’s your favourite one?

British Term American Term
Bonnet Hood
Boot Trunk
Cubby Box Glove Box Or Glove Compartment
Damper Shock Absorber
Earth Ground
Estate Station Wagon
Fascia Dashboard
Fixed­Head Coupe 2 Door Coupe
Gallon (Imperial) 4.5 US Quarts
Hood Convertible Top
Lorry Truck
Monocoque Unibody
Petrol Gasoline
Rev Counter Tachometer
Reversing Lights Back­Up Lights
Roadster Convertible
Roundabout Rotary, Traffic Circle
Saloon Sedan or 4 Door
Silencer Muffler
Shooting Brake Station Wagon
Spanner Wrench
Sump Oil Pan
Tick Over Idle
Top Gear High Gear
Torch Flashlight
Tyre Tire
Wheel Nut Lug Nut
Windscreen Windshield
Wing Fender

Hope you enjoy reading this. Till next time.

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