While a vehicle’s fuel pump is not a maintenance item, it will likely need to be replaced at some point.
Before replacing a defective fuel pump with a new one, the fuel tank should be properly cleaned to clear old debris, dirt and contaminants that have accumulated at the bottom of the tank.
Check out the steps involved in cleaning a fuel tank:

  1. Drain fuel tank into a container
  2. Clean rust and debris from the top of the fuel tank.
  3. Remove fuel pump
  4. Swirl gas tank. Pour out remaining fuel and debris.
  5. Clean inner tank with low-suds soap and water mixture.
  6. Swirl cleaning solution inside tank
  7. Drain tank and dry with compressed air
  8. Wipe out tank with lint-free cloth.
  9. Visually inspect tank. Replace if tank is damaged.
  10. Confirm if tank is completely dry, may take 10 minutes.

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